[LLVMdev] arm code generation

Amichi Amar ami at amaret.net
Wed Mar 19 20:08:37 PDT 2008


I'm trying to do the following and encountering problems with the  
generated arm assembly code:

I've got an application in two parts that i've compiled into llvm  
bitcode using:
llvm-gcc -emit-llvm -c part1.c -o part1.bc
llvm-gcc -emit-llvm -c part2.c -o part2.bc

Then I link them together:
llvm-ld part1.bc part2.bc -o combined.bc

Now I use the ARM backend via llc to generate the assembly for my  
target processor from combined.bc:
llc -march=arm -mcpu=arm7tdmi combined.bc

The problem is when I run the generated file (combined.s) through an  
arm cross compiler for my target (arm-elf gcc toolchain) I get the  
following errors below. Has anybody encountered this before? Is there  
a way to do this?

combined.s: Assembler messages:
combined.s:216: rd and rm should be different in mul
... repeated a few times
combined.s:969: rd and rm should be different in mla
... repeated a few times
combined.s:1330: Error: unknown pseudo-op: `.cstring'
combined.s:1335: Error: junk at end of line, first unrecognized  
character is `,'
.. repeated many times
combined.s:1366: Error: character following name is not '#'
combined.s:1370: Error: unknown pseudo-op: `.indirect_symbol'
combined.s:1375: Error: unknown pseudo-op: `.lazy_symbol_pointer'
combined.s:1377: Error: unknown pseudo-op: `.indirect_symbol'
.. repeated a few times
combined.s:1393: Error: unknown pseudo-op: `.subsections_via_symbols'

Thank you,


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