[LLVMdev] Merge Patch File

Mike Stump mrs at apple.com
Wed Mar 19 14:37:55 PDT 2008

On Mar 19, 2008, at 2:03 PM, Török Edwin wrote:
> What is kext64, and how do I disable it?

Comes from:

         APPLE_LOCAL='APPLE LOCAL libcc_kext' \
         MULTILIBS="`$(GCC_FOR_TARGET) --print-multi-lib`  
static;@static at fno-pic kext;@Dmal
loc=kern_os_malloc at Dfree=kern_os_free at DLIBCC_KEXT@static at fno-pic@fno- 
exceptions at fno-non-ca
ll-exceptions$(KEXT_EXTRA_FLAGS) $(if $(findstring i686,$ 
(target)),kext64;@mkernel at m64@Dma
lloc=kern_os_malloc at Dfree=kern_os_free at DLIBCC_KEXT$ 

in gcc/Makefile.in.  I'd recommend something like:

# APPLE LOCAL begin libcc_kext
ifeq ($taregt, *-*-darwin*)  SPELLING
APPLE_EXTRA_MULTI := static;@static at fno-pic  
kext;@Dmalloc=kern_os_malloc at Dfree=kern_os_free at DLIBCC_KEXT@static at fno- 
pic at fno-exceptions@fno-non-call-exceptions$(KEXT_EXTRA_FLAGS) $(if $ 
(findstring i686,$ 
;@mkernel at m64@Dmalloc=kern_os_malloc at Dfree=kern_os_free at DLIBCC_KEXT$ 
# APPLE LOCAL end libcc_kext

         APPLE_LOCAL='APPLE LOCAL libcc_kext' \
         MULTILIBS="`$(GCC_FOR_TARGET) --print-multi-lib` $ 

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