[LLVMdev] Adapting created intrinsics to PowerPC backend

aditya vishnubhotla vvaditya12 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 17 09:30:14 PDT 2008


I have implemented intrinsics which are placeholders
for instructions executed elsewhere (e.g. in HW).

So i have two types of intrinsics migrate_begin and
migrate_end. Now i would like to make these intrinsics
known to the PowerPC backend. Since the hardware
initialization can not be implemented by one
instruction it has to be expanded to a library call or
lowered to something the ppc backend can understand?

If it is possible to add the functionality of these
functions to a library:
Where is this library and how can these functions be

Is it correct that entries in IntrinsicsPowerPC.td 
PPCInstrInfo.td files have to be done to make these
new intrinsics known?

"migrate_begin" is an instruction with a variable
argument list. Is there some
special handling necessary to add variable argument

I would be thankful for any hints regarding this
PowerPC backend adaptation.

Thank You

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