[LLVMdev] improving the ocaml binding's type safety

Gordon Henriksen gordonhenriksen at mac.com
Sat Mar 15 19:33:59 PDT 2008


After some experimentation, I'd prefer the closed system. LLVM has  
some type peculiarities like the commonality between CallInst and  
InvokeInst. I find that the closed type system lets me express such  
constraints more naturally. Expressing these constraints explicitly in  
the open system involves annotating the C++ class hierarchy with extra  
variants which are unnecessary in the closed model.

Please use 'a Llvm.ty for Type and 'a Llvm.v for Value to save typing.  
These choices avoid conflicting with the common type binding t and the  
language keyword val, but promote these important types to the type  
names into the Llvm module (likely open'd) for brevity's sake.

I don't have a better suggestion than just naming the variant sum  
types Llvm.ll_____. I considered some other options, but decided I'm  
not fond of them in practice.


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