[LLVMdev] newbie questions about setting up a new project

Sam Bishop sam at bishop.dhs.org
Fri Mar 14 21:51:05 PDT 2008

Joe Strout wrote:
> However, after looking at the tutorial again, I realized that it  
> doesn't matter -- I don't need a complex file hierarchy or even a  
> Makefile; Owen provides a one-liner to compile and link the tutorial  
> code at the bottom of the page.  This works fine for me, regardless  
> of where I put the source file.

Yes, this is exactly what I was going to recommend.  I haven't made a 
project like you are trying to do; maybe someone else can help you 
with that.  But the tutorials you've found are great, and, as you've 
discovered, it doesn't take much to get them running.

Good luck!


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