[LLVMdev] LLVM on OpenBSD

Laurence Tratt laurie at tratt.net
Sun Jun 29 03:30:59 PDT 2008

On Thu, Jun 26, 2008 at 03:17:24PM +0100, Edd Barrett wrote:

>> I hope to make a port of llvm for OpenBSD once I have figured out how to
>> build it.
> Here is a backtrace (courtesy of Andrew) of the tblgen run, which aborts
> about 50% of the time when it feels like it:

As a further bit of info, the way to trigger this bug is to cd into
"lib/Target/ARM" and do "make clean && make". Around 12 files are then
built; at any given point, there's a high likelihood that one of these fails
with the assertion error Edd mentioned. Every so often all 12 compile in one
go; repeat and rinse, and the bug will trigger sooner rather than later.
Although nothing is certain, my guess (based on my own experience porting
the Converge language to various platforms) would be that this bug is quite
possibly cross platform, but is more like to be triggered by OpenBSD's
malloc (which has a few tricks, such as allocating pages randomly across the
entire VM space, which tend to highlight such things).

If all the files compile successfull then the simple examples (Fibonacci
etc.) included in LLVM seem to work fine. Most of the test suite seems to
pass too, although I haven't yet fully understood why some tests fail (I
don't think it's related to the above bug).

I am happy to give an account on one of my OpenBSD boxes to any LLVM
developer(s) who would like to look into this problem.

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