[LLVMdev] clang testing?

Mike Stump mrs at apple.com
Fri Jun 27 13:49:00 PDT 2008

On Jun 27, 2008, at 1:41 PM, John Regehr wrote:
> Just for fun I added clang to the list of compilers that my random
> tester beats on.  It found a codegen bug in short order.  Would you
> folks say that clang is ready for the fairly high degree of abuse
> produced by my tool or would it be better to wait until it matures?   
> Thanks,

I say beat it up and file problem reports for it.  No better way to  
get it in tip top shape.  I'll assume you're doing C testing.  If C++,  
I'd say wait a while, as C++ is only 3-5% of the way there.  I'd  
probably say, only file 10-20 reports, and then stream more in as  
those are fixed.  This should help reduce the work that you do and  
self limit so you don't file a thousand or more bug reports, which, I  
suspect we wouldn't want.

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