[LLVMdev] LLVM inquiry

Gaurav Khanna gkhanna at umassd.edu
Wed Jun 25 10:19:31 PDT 2008


This is Gaurav Khanna, from MacResearch.org - a community for
scientists that use the Mac and related hardware for research. One
service we perform for the community is supply g77 & gfortran
compilers for Mac OS X (which are not supplied by Apple).

We are interested in the progress made by LLVM and have some quick
questions. We'd appreciate any comments you can make.

1) What is the status of fortran/llvm-gfortran in the context of LLVM?
Are there any plans to support fortran?
2)  Are you planning to use the GCC-based front-end in the long-term
or is that just temporary?
3) Are there any performance numbers available comparing with standard

Thanks very much.


UMass Dartmouth, Physics
(508) 910 6605

"Black holes are where God divided by zero." - Steven Wright

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