[LLVMdev] Problems expanding fcmp to a libcall

Richard Osborne rlsosborne at googlemail.com
Wed Jun 25 05:13:36 PDT 2008

Evan Cheng wrote:
> On Jun 23, 2008, at 5:35 AM, Richard Osborne wrote:
>> I'm trying to write a backend for a target with no hardware floating
>> point support. I've added a single i32 register class. I'm wanting all
>> floating point operations to be lowered to library function calls. For
>> the most part LLVM seems to get this right. For example
>> define double @div(double %a, double %b) {
>> %result = fdiv double %a, %b
>> ret double %result
>> }
>> is expanded to a ISD::CALL of __divdf3 which is then lowered via the
>> LowerOperation hook of my backend.
>> However I run into problems with fcmp. With the following code:
>> define i1 @fmp(double %a) {
>> %result = fcmp uno double %a, 0.000000e+00
>> ret i1 %result
>> }
>> the fcmp is expanded to the a call to __unorddf2 which is then
>> lowered via the LowerOperation hook of my backend. However for some  
>> reason
>> there remains a ISD::CALL node with __unorddf2 in the DAG after
>> legalization. This
>> then causes selection to fail with
>> Cannot yet select: 0x13b7cc0: i32,i32,ch = call 0x13b76e0, 0x13b7800,
>> 0x13b7800, 0x13b7800, 0x13b77a0, 0x13b78f0, 0x13b79a0, 0x13b80d0,
>> 0x13b7a00, 0x13b78f0, 0x13b79a0, 0x13b80d0, 0x13b7a00
>> Are there any additional steps I need to take in my target, or could
>> this be a bug in the Legalization phase?
> This sounds like a bug in your target. Why not custom lower the f32  
> setcc nodes directly to the desired target nodes rather than doing  
> this  two stage lowering?
> Evan
At the moment I'm not doing any custom lowering in my target - the 
lowering I was describing was what I observed the SectionDAG was doing. 
I was under the impression that LLVM's soft float support meant that if 
I didn't call addRegisterClass() with any FP types then floating point 
operations would be expanded into libcalls and it would all just 
work(tm). And for the most part it does work - addition, division, etc 
on floating point types are all lower correctly by the SelectionDAG 
without any further intervention.

However it fails fcmp. I was wanting to understand if this was expected 
and if so what I should do about it. It sounds like I need to custom 
lower the nodes directly. I would certainly be nice if this wasn't 

I tried the same code with the MIPS target and it also fails in the same 
manner - a ISD::CALL node remains in the DAG after legalization and the 
instruction selection fails.


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