[LLVMdev] PowerPC instruction cache invalidation

Gary Benson gbenson at redhat.com
Thu Jun 19 01:23:56 PDT 2008

Anton Korobeynikov wrote:
> > The attached patch generalizes it (aKor helped me out).  I don't
> > know if Intel needs some kind of cache invalidation too but if it
> > does it could use the same hooks.
> I've applied patch but with some changes in order not to break
> non-PPC builds. Please check whether it will work for you or not.

It works for me, thank you :)

> I was pretty impressed, that there is no built-in defines for your
> platform (e.g. __POWERPC__, etc) - how do JIT compilation callbacks
> work then?

Well, I guess it must have one or the other as your latest commit
works out of the box.  I must have been doing something stupid the
other day (it has been known!)



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