[LLVMdev] [PATCH]: DwarfWriter fix

Evan Cheng evan.cheng at apple.com
Wed Jun 18 10:57:46 PDT 2008

Looks good, please commit.


On Jun 16, 2008, at 11:32 PM, Argiris Kirtzidis wrote:

> Anton Korobeynikov wrote:
>> 2. It can be, that debug information emitted is not correct. This is
>> known open problem.
> The attached patch fixes the problem with the line information.
> For the "AT_stmt_list" attribute of the compilation unit entry,  
> DWARF-2 specification says:
>> A DW_AT_stmt_list attribute whose value is a reference to line  
>> number information for
>> this compilation unit.
>> This information is placed in a separate object file section from  
>> the debugging information
>> entries themselves. The value of the statement list attribute is  
>> the offset in the
>> .debug_line section of the first byte of the line number  
>> information for this compilation
>> unit
> DwarfWriter was using a label reference (instead of a section  
> offset) and it was causing a problem because Windows treats
> section offsets differently, by emitting the ".secrel32" directive.
> -Argiris
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