[LLVMdev] Binary translation to LLVM bitcode

Christian Plessl christian.plessl at uni-paderborn.de
Thu Jun 12 11:21:11 PDT 2008

I'm looking for methods for generating LLVM bitcode from binaries  
(binary translation). I found two projects that seem to be related:  
vmkit and llvm-qemu

a) Could someone shed some light on how the recently released vmkit  
works? Can vmkit be used for statically translating JVM or MSIL code  
to LLVM bitcode? Or is vmkit simply reusing LLVM's JIT execution  
engine, without ever generating LLVM bitcode?

b) What is the state of llvm-qemu (http://code.google.com/p/llvm- 
qemu/)? Could llvm-qemu be used for binary translation of x86 binaries  
to LLVM bitcode?

I would appreciate any comment.

Best regards,

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