[LLVMdev] Shared libs?

Albert Graef Dr.Graef at t-online.de
Wed Jun 11 15:51:29 PDT 2008

Cyrille Berger wrote:
> Unfortunately it's not fixed in 2.3 :(

That's indeed unfortunate. On x86-64 the Pure interpreter currently is a
7MB behemoth, and most of that is LLVM. ;-) On 32 bit I have all that
stuff in a separate runtime library, resulting in a 27K interpreter
executable. It goes without saying that this makes a world of a
difference. I don't care if LLVM is a shared library itself, and I
understand the reasons speaking against that, but it should at least be
linkable into a dll.

> [1] http://www.opengtl.org/download/X86JITInfo.cpp.pic.patch

Cool, many thanks! That's exactly what I've been looking for. :) If you
do get around updating the patch for 2.3, it would be very kind if you
could let me know.


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