[LLVMdev] DejaGNU test fixes

Matthijs Kooijman - Inter-Actief matthijs.kooijman at inter-actief.net
Wed Jun 11 05:04:25 PDT 2008

> Does merely sending output to stderr legitimately constitute a test  
> failure? 
Yes and no :-)

I think that being notified of stderr output is generally a good idea. If you
really think that for a particular testcase stderr output is expected and
doesn not mean failure, that particular test can redirect stderr and things
work fine.

However, the most compelling reason for marking stderr output as a failure is
my lack of TCL skills :-) I haven't found a way to distinguish between stderr
output of the program and parsing errors of the command line. So, rather than
ignoring command line parse options, I'd rather fail on stderr output.

So, it's not a policy decision to mark stderr output as a failure, but now
that it is happening I don't think it is so bad to do so.


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