[LLVMdev] Online doxygen out of date?

Mahadevan R mdevan.foobar at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 00:16:01 PDT 2008

>> I'm having a bit of trouble with the online doxygen documentation. As far is I

While we are on the topic..

If you run doxygen on the headers (*.h) first and then the source
files (*.cpp), it's actually going to pick up the documentation from
the second one. This is somewhat unfortunate, since mostly it the
documentation lives in headers.

For eg, Module.h[1] actually has a good description about the Module
class, and Module.cpp[2] does not. The generated documentation page[3]
unfortunately does not contain the description from Module.h.


[1] http://www.llvm.org/doxygen/Module_8h-source.html
[2] http://www.llvm.org/doxygen/Module_8cpp-source.html
[3] http://www.llvm.org/doxygen/classModule.html

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