[LLVMdev] Linux x86 testers needed!

jlh jlh at gmx.ch
Thu Jun 5 05:16:26 PDT 2008

Hello list!

Tanya Lattner wrote:
> We are in desperate need of linux x86 testers (32 or 64 bit). If you  
> could set one up, the LLVM project would be very grateful. Right now  
> we have virtually no testers covering this platform.

I've run the test last night to see how long it takes, and I can
afford to cronjob it for the night.

I didn't quite realize it would automatically send the report, but
it did [1] and there are a few test failure from the
Frontend{C,C++} directories.  I suppose this is because I have
llvm-gcc4.0 2.1 installed, which might need to be upgraded.  Is
there a specific version of llvm-gcc that is prefered for nightly
tests?  Shall I go with the latest stable one?  4.0 or 4.2?

What does -enable-linscan do?  It's not referenced anywhere in
NewNightlyTest.pl, but it's given as example in [2].

I will also take the freedom to disable the nightly test if I need
the CPU cycles for something else during a night.


[1] http://llvm.org/nightlytest/test.php?machine=288&night=6315
[2] http://llvm.org/docs/TestingGuide.html#nightly

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