[LLVMdev] Status of the 2.3 release - volunteers needed.

Tanya Lattner tonic at nondot.org
Wed Jun 4 18:49:13 PDT 2008

Ok, I have good news! Thanks for the help!

On Jun 2, 2008, at 11:11 PM, Tanya Lattner wrote:

> Many of you are probably wondering about the status of the 2.3  
> release. Unfortunately, this release has been very difficult and  
> the list of regressions very high. The list has finally dwindled  
> down to the following regressions:
> Linux/x86:
> SingleSource/Benchmarks/CoyoteBench/fftbench [ JIT Codegen, JIT]
> MultiSource/Applications/minisat/minisat [CBE]

Both of these are now fixed!

> Darwin/x86:
> External/SPEC/CINT2006/403.gcc/403.gcc [CBE, but works on mainline..]

This is a gcc bug, so we are ignoring it for the release.

> Darwin/ppc:
> SingleSource/Benchmarks/CoyoteBench/fftbench [ CBE ]
> External/SPEC/CINT2006/403.gcc/403.gcc [ CBE]

fftbench - GCC doesn't support i128 when compiling for 32-bit  
processors, so no fix for this.
403.gcc - same as mentioned above, gcc bug.

So, I need to rerun all the tests and package things up. Chris is  
working on the release notes. Hopefully we can have this out by the  
end of the week.


> If anyone would like to volunteer to help track down these issues,  
> it would be very much appreciated. You can grab the source tarballs  
> (http://llvm.org/prereleases/2.3/) or check out the release branch.
> The release will be stalled until the regressions can be either  
> fixed or some other decision is reached.
> Thanks,
> Tanya
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