[LLVMdev] Linux x86 testers needed!

Tanya M. Lattner tonic at nondot.org
Tue Jun 3 10:05:40 PDT 2008

>> We are in desperate need of linux x86 testers (32 or 64 bit). If you
>> could set one up, the LLVM project would be very grateful. Right now
>> we have virtually no testers covering this platform.
> I think I might be able to set up a nightly tester for Linux x86 (32-
> bit).
> Although I've been following LLVM for quite a while now, I feel like I
> can't really contribute to it, because of lack of time and knowledge.
> Hopefully this way I can contribute...

That would be great! Thank you!

> I have some questions though:
> *) Is something more expected besides donating cycles-to-burn, e.g.
> active bug reporting/resolving of bugs found by the nightly tester and
> such?

The best case scenario is when someone actually watches the nightly 
tester, but at this point, we will take anything (even if its just 
cycles). It would be helpful if you do see a failure, to either bring it 
to attention on the llvm-testresults mailing list or to file a PR. People 
are supposed to watch the nightly testers when they commit, but as you can 
imagine.. that doesn't always happen. However, if you don't have time to 
do this.. then don't worry.

> It's not that I'm not willing to (in fact, I'd love to), but I just
> wouldn't be able to find the time to do it properly. I try to report
> bugs I run into from time to time, but that's highly dependent on how
> busy I am doing my actual Phd work (to which LLVM is only partially
> related).

Yes, I understand.

> *) I'll probably need the machine for experiments now and then, I'm
> guessing it's ok the nightly test isn't run every single night?

You can run it as often as you like. The only downside is that it makes it 
harder to track down problems, but since we don't have any linux testers 
at the moment.. occasional testing is better than none at all :)


> greetings,
> Kenneth
>> Directions to set up a tester are here:
>> http://llvm.org/docs/TestingGuide.html#nightly
>> These directions could be improved of course. If you have any
>> questions, I will be happy to assist you in setting up your nightly
>> tester.
>> Thanks!
>> -Tanya
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