[LLVMdev] Proposal : Function Notes

Andrew Lenharth andrewl at lenharth.org
Fri Aug 22 20:30:40 PDT 2008

On Fri, Aug 22, 2008 at 6:40 PM, Devang Patel <dpatel at apple.com> wrote:
> Here is a proposal that I mentioned sometime ago. Any thoughts,comments or
> suggestions on this proposal would be appreciated.

> The proposed solution to this problem to encode Function Notes in the IR.
> define void @f()  notes("opt-size,pic,noinline") { ... }
> Here, the notes include a comma separated list of strings. Note, the notes
> are
> only attached to functions definitions. They are not attached to call or
> invoke
> instructions. All supported notes must be documented in LLVM language
> reference.

Would this subsume calling convention and linkage and const/pure
specification? (as well as "used" (or more appropriately
"do-not-internalize")).  It seems that it covers those too if it
applied to function definitions and declarations and thus reduce all
the extra function meta-data to one format.


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