[LLVMdev] Is there room for another build system?

Óscar Fuentes ofv at wanadoo.es
Tue Aug 5 18:54:11 PDT 2008

Kenneth Boyd <zaimoni at zaimoni.com> writes:

> I'm indulging in this exercise to enable testing a native MingW32 build 
> of LLVM in Windows.

If LLVM's DejaGNU usage is the same as GCC's, I'll google or ask on the
MinGW mailing list how MinGW testers run the GCC testsuite, before
trying to fix something that maybe is not broken.

> There are more portability issues *between* shells, than across OS's.  
> If I go ahead with targeting bash, I suspect (by avoiding bash 
> extensions and otherwise being careful) that the resulting script should 
> work on any recent Bourne compatible shell.  csh will not be supported 
> at all (incompatible test operator syntax).
> Note that shell scripts can coordinate invoking other languages/tools; 
> targeting bash doesn't rule out using Tcl/Perl/Python/etc. where convenient.

AFAIK, there is no "native" port of `bash' on Windows. If you plan to
use Cygwin's (or MSYS', which is a fork of Cygwin) you will discover
that it is quite tricky to work with non-Cygwin processes (including
MinGW's gcc) due to differences on directory structures, I/O, process
control, etc.


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