[LLVMdev] The source code Makefile (newbie with pass registering Problem)

Dominic Hamon dom.hamon at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 07:24:59 PDT 2008

Nicole Irwanto wrote:
> It's me again. I guess that there is a problem in the Makefile of my source code. But I don't know where. Could you please verify it? 

This doesn't directly answer your question, however I'm hoping it might 
set someone on the right path to help. I've had problems passing 
CPPFLAGS through from my Makefiles to the llvm compile command line. It 
seems that anything I set in CPPFLAGS is set in the llvm Makefiles 
themselves (seen through 'make printvars'), however they don't make it 
to the gcc command line (see using 'make TOOL_VERBOSE=1').

I'm trying to add extra include paths to my build to modularise my 
source better.


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