[LLVMdev] Google Summer of Code Projects

Torvald Riegel torvald at se.inf.tu-dresden.de
Wed Apr 23 04:28:54 PDT 2008

On Wednesday 23 April 2008, Luis Felipe Strano Moraes wrote:
> Torvald, google only displays the abstract on the results page, but I do

Perhaps the detailed project descriptions could be published so that 
interested people can join in, if that makes sense for the particular project 
and if students and mentors agree.

> know about Tanger and it was mentioned in both the proposal and the
> comments that followed, I'll write an email to you later with that info in
> a bit, and I do intend
> to use as much available infrastructure as possible, and tanger/tinystm are
> certainly going to be of great interest to the project.

Sounds great. I will send you email to discuss the details.


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