[LLVMdev] Global variable-length array

Talin viridia at gmail.com
Sat Apr 19 19:45:28 PDT 2008

Question about "Pascal-style" arrays as mentioned in the reference guide.

Suppose I have a global variable which points to a constant, variable 
length array.

The question is, how can I assign an array of type "{ i32, [5 x float]}" 
to a global of type "{ i32, [0 x float]}"? From my experimentation, it 
appears you can't bitcast or call GEP on a constant aggregate - the only 
I know of to get the address of a constant is to create a global, but I 
need the address to create the global.

The only way that I can think of to do it is to have two globals - an 
anonymous global which is of the same type as the actual array constant, 
and a second global which is assigned the bitcast of the GEP of the 
first global. However, this seems overly complicated - is there an 
easier way to do it?

-- Talin

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