[LLVMdev] standard passes

Lu Zhao luzhao at cs.utah.edu
Mon Apr 14 13:02:20 PDT 2008

> If you're running opt on the command line directly, then use the
> "-p" option. See "-help" for more information on that.
> -bw

I have a couple of more questions.

1. Does -std-compile-opts of opt do the same optimization with llvm-gcc
with -O[1-3] options? If I want to debug into passes through llvm-gcc,
how do I set a breakpoint right before pass execution? In my gdb
llvm-gcc session, I don't have llvm::PassManager available.

2. When I use "-p" with opt, there is nothing I can see from the
output. Instead, "--debug-pass=Details" gives me more detailed info. Did
I miss other stuffs that are required to be with "-p?"


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