[LLVMdev] Virtual methods (was: LLVMBuilder vs LLVMFoldingBuilder)

Joachim Durchholz jo at durchholz.org
Fri Apr 4 15:59:45 PDT 2008

Am Freitag, den 04.04.2008, 15:19 -0400 schrieb Jonathan S. Shapiro:
> In general, the C++ compiler does NOT know the type of the leaf class
> when performing a virtual method invocation. In particular, a parameter
> (including "this") alleging to be a Foo* (Foo being some class) may
> actually be any subclass of Foo, so unless the compiler can trace the
> value flow all the way from the instantiation, it can't tell.


> The necessary tracing is (a) hard, (b) whole-program, and (c) therefore
> not supportable without a lot of linker support that isn't available in
> practice.

I'm not sure how hard (a) really is. It's being done in other imperative
OO languages, and quite successful there (the SmartEiffel folks have
reported they can eliminate the vtable lookup in about 90% of call
sites, reaping all the rewards of inlining etc. for these; you can
assume that practically all functions in Eiffel are declared virtual, in
fact you have to declare them nonvirtual if you want that and people
almost never do it).
In C++, integer-to-pointer tricks and array indexing via pointers could
make alias analysis more difficult. Is it that much harder that the
percentage of call sites to replace with static calls drops

I agree with (b).

I agree with the "lot of linker support" bit in (c), but not quite with
the "isn't available in practice" part - isn't link-time optimization
one of LLVM's particular highlights?

I agree with Chris' reservations about virtual functions if a
gcc-compiled llvm-gcc is the norm.
If a bootstrapped llvm-gcc, compiled with itself, is the norm, *and*
alias analysis is good enough to deal with C++ as it is used in
llvm-gcc, then using virtual functions should not be a serious problem.

This all, of course, assuming I didn't overlook anything relevant.
Which is exactly my question: did I overlook something?

Oh, and this one, of course: are there ramifications for compilers that
use LLVM as a backend?
In particular: If a language makes any and all functions virtual, is
LLVM able to unvirtualize them (at the link stage, if necessary)?


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