[LLVMdev] Fibonacci example in OCaml

Ralph Corderoy ralph at inputplus.co.uk
Wed Nov 28 04:40:58 PST 2007


Gordon Henriksen wrote:
> > What of this can LLVM's optimizer optimize away for me?
> Not much. LLVM won't really change your memory layout. The features
> which did perform dramatic memory reorganization were excised from the
> source tree due to patent infringement issues. (They remain in the
> repository on a branch for UIUC research.) These were also targeted
> toward manual memory management.

Concern about software patents is a shame.  Do those behind LLVM support
the patent holders in this case, or are they just concerned about being
hassled over infringement.  If the latter, could an approach be made to
one of the anti-software patent organisations to see if prior art can be
found, or else look at moving the software outside of the scope of the
applicable patent law?



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