[LLVMdev] OCaml

Chris Lattner sabre at nondot.org
Sun Nov 25 13:00:34 PST 2007

>> Lexing is the one issue though.
> How do you mean?

I think he's observing that a majority of the tutorial code is  
actually spent on the lexer and parser, not on the llvm-specific pieces.

> I'm just fiddling around with it now. The lexer, parser and AST  
> written using
> camlp4 might look something like this in OCaml:

Sure, the existing tutorial would be shorter if the lexer/parser used  
lex/yacc too, but that wasn't the goal :).  The goal was the make it  
as simple and easy for newbies to understand, even if they didn't have  
any previous compiler experience.


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