[LLVMdev] tutorial

Chris Lattner sabre at nondot.org
Wed Nov 21 18:14:40 PST 2007

On Wed, 21 Nov 2007, Bob Noodlini wrote:
> I recently discovered llvm and have been working my way through the
> tutorial on implementing a little language. (Using llvm built from svn
> on 64 bit x86 architecture).


> I had two questions that would help me get kickstarted over the holidays.
> Is there any easy way to get the jit to dump the assembly equivalent
> of the generated machine code? In the documentation so far I've not
> seen it - though I've built it udis86 support turned on.

There isn't a really trivial way.  You can enable the debugging dumps by 
passing "-print-machineinstrs" into the llvm command line argument 
processing stuff.  For example, add this to your code somewhere:

   const char *Args[] = { "a.out", "-print-machineinstrs", 0 }
   cl::ParseCommandLineOptions(2, Args);

Another useful option is to pass "-debug-only=jit" in, in a similar way.

More info than you probably want on this is here:

The other option is to dump out the .ll file (e.g. with M.dump()) and pipe 
that into the "llc" command like this:

$ cat foo.ll | llvm-as | llc

which will print out machine code that is very very similar to what the 
jit will execute.

> Is there a small but runnable example of generating vector code that
> is then jitted to packed SSE code?

Nope, but there is nothing to it.  Just produce code that uses the "<4 x 
float>" datatype for example.  Also, make sure to mark your load/store 
instructions with 16-byte alignment for good performance.



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