[LLVMdev] Dynamic (JIT) type resolution

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> On Wed, 7 Nov 2007, Nicolas Geoffray wrote:
>> I'm not sure actually how can I do that language specific ;). OK
>> currently only Java does that (from what I know), but intrinsics like
>> getElementDouble or setElementDouble do look general purpose. Unless,
>> I'm too Java-minded?
> Focus on the mechanism behind what you want to do, not on what you want to
> do itself :).  Think about a way to separate what you want to accomplish
> from how it gets done.

you know, I often do this, and people accuse me of not thinking "top-down" 
or having a "driving problem", ...
infact I think I think bottom up and wander around until I find interesting 
things to do.

oh well, misc and ammusing...

>>> You'll probably want to do this late in the code generator.
>> Therefore when instructions are lowered to target-specific instructions?
> yep,
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