[LLVMdev] RFC: llvm-convert.cpp Patch

Duncan Sands baldrick at free.fr
Wed Nov 7 10:23:14 PST 2007

> How about this patch then?

How about this one :)  It passes alignment and volatility around
with DestLoc.  It's not finished because I noticed some bugs in
how CopyAggregate and ZeroAggregate handle alignment (problem points
marked with "QQ").  Also, I noticed potential problems with how we
handle call arguments and return results (what if they are strangely
aligned/volatile?), marked with FIXME.

While there, I fixed the following:
- Taught EmitAggregateZero not to do element by element zeroing
if the LLVM type doesn't cover the gcc type.  Also, not to do
it if there are too many aggregate elements.
- Added a bunch of missing alignment/volatile stuff on various
loads and stores.
- Fixed up a lot of bogus handling of volatility in the complex
number stuff.


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