[LLVMdev] [Bug 1769] Should remove the -cee pass

Török Edvin edwintorok at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 09:55:56 PST 2007

On 11/4/07, bugzilla-daemon at cs.uiuc.edu <bugzilla-daemon at cs.uiuc.edu> wrote:
> --- Comment #1 from Chris Lattner <sabre at nondot.org>  2007-11-04 11:45:00 ---
> The release notes say "The -cee pass is known to be buggy, and may be removed
> in a future release.".  I think we should just do it.

Oops, I should have read the "known problems" section of the release
notes, not just the improvements section.

The -cee pass presents interest to me, because I intend to develop a
static analysis tool, that could use the relationships from -cee.
[however it would need to support expressions involving more than one variable]
Should I start from scratch, or reuse the "analysis" part of -cee?
Could part of -cee be moved to Analysis/ by dropping the code
transform parts? (if those are the buggy parts).


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