[LLVMdev] Back End for a stack based architecture

Evan Cheng evan.cheng at apple.com
Thu May 17 11:33:11 PDT 2007

If you want to get something up and running relatively quickly. You  
can model the backend after X86 X87 FP math. See X86InstrFPStack.td,  

Basically add a fake register class and then "stackify" it with a  
post-allocation pass. Play around with it to see if something like  
this fits your need.


On May 16, 2007, at 5:33 AM, Giovanni Di Guardo wrote:

> Hi all,
> I was asked to write a C compiler back end for a dated stack based
> architecture, i.e. once whose instructions operate only on the top
> elements of a stack and doesn't use arguments, something like the JVM.
> I looked at some open source compilers (gcc, sdcc, tinyc and LLVM). To
> me LLVM seems promising (and I likes C++).
> Because I'm new here I need your help to understand if:
> 1) LLVM could be used to target stack based architecture
> 2) is possible but LLVM is not the best solution for that kind of
> architecture (in this case any hint for the rigth compiler is very
> appreciated)
> thanks,
> Giovanni
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