[LLVMdev] T-Shirts: Last Call

Subbian, Raju raju.subbian at windriver.com
Fri May 11 10:01:35 PDT 2007

    I would like a large shirt in black.



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	To: Everyone That Ordered A T-Shirt Or Wants One
	If you want a T-Shirt but haven't ordered yet, you have until
the 4pm PST tomorrow (24 hours from now) to let me know or alter your
existing order. 
	The T-Shirt is described this way: 437 JERZEES 50/50 Spot Shield
Polo 50/50 cotton/poly blend, 5.6 oz. Treated with Spot Shield, most
water and oil based stains bead up and roll off. 2-button placket, pearl
buttons, double-needle hem.  Sizes for this shirt are S, M, L, XL, 2XL,
XXL.  The shirt will have an embroidered LLVM Logo on the front left
breast (where pocket usually goes). The embroidered logo will be a
maroon (deep red) color. You can order the shirt in one of the following
colors (use the link to see the shirt in that color), but remember that
the maroon logo might not look good in all these colors.
<http://www.corporatecasuals.com/zoomswatches/437/437_birch.jpg>  Black
<http://www.corporatecasuals.com/zoomswatches/437/437_black.jpg> , Gold
<http://www.corporatecasuals.com/zoomswatches/437/437_gold.jpg> , Jade
<http://www.corporatecasuals.com/zoomswatches/437/437_jade.jpg> , Kelly
Green <http://www.corporatecasuals.com/zoomswatches/437/437_kelly.jpg> ,
Maize <http://www.corporatecasuals.com/zoomswatches/437/437_maize.jpg> ,
Navy <http://www.corporatecasuals.com/zoomswatches/437/437_navy.jpg> ,
Purple <http://www.corporatecasuals.com/zoomswatches/437/437_purple.jpg>
, Putty <http://www.corporatecasuals.com/zoomswatches/437/437_putty.jpg>
, Sports Grey,
Royal Blue
<http://www.corporatecasuals.com/zoomswatches/437/437_royal.jpg> , White
	I have orders for the following people. The size ordered is as
noted below. The default color is "sports grey" which will look good
with the maroon logo.  If you want grey and the size is correct, you
needn't do anything. If not, please send your changes to me (off list)
and I will try to accommodate your request.
Vikram 	Adve 	L + XL 	
Owen 	Anderson 	M 	
Bob 	Archer 	Largest 	
Ryan 	Brown 	M 	
Bruno 	Cardoso 	L 	
Mike 	Engler 	L 	
Han 	Gao 	L 	
Dan 	Gohman 	L + XL 	
Dale 	Johannsen 	XL 	
Anton 	Korobeynikov 	M 	
Christopher 	Lamb 	M 	
Chris 	Lattner 	M 	
Tanya 	Lattner 	S 	
Andrew 	Lenharth 	XL 	
Nick 	Lewycky 	L 	
Efrem 	Lipkin 	XL 	
Schimmel 	Mark 	L x 2 	
Gabe 	McArthur 	L 	
Paul 	McJones 	L 	
Scott 	McMurray 	M 	
Scott 	Michel 	L 	
Devang 	Patel 	M 	
Jeff 	Poznanovic 	L 	
Chuck 	Rose 	XL 	
Al 	Stone 	XL 	
Mark 	Thomas 	L 	
Sarah 	Thompson 	XL 	
Bill 	Wendling 	XL 	

	By default, T-Shirts will be delivered to you on May 25th at the
meeting. If you are not attending, please provide your shipping address
to me. I already have shipping addresses for Anton and Bruno.

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