[LLVMdev] 1 Week Before 2.0 Branch Creation

David Greene greened at obbligato.org
Sat May 5 13:09:08 PDT 2007

Aaron Gray wrote:

> It would be good to have a mailing list for test results where 'make check' 
> results could be posted so that there is some reference and people could 
> avoid repeating builds.

There's the llvm-testresults list, but I find it less than fully useful
because it's not immediately obvious from scanning message subjects if
there's been a test failure.  It's a lot of messages to wade through and
read to get this information.

What about a Tinderbox-like setup where we could consult a web page to
see the current status of the repository?  Boost has a nice setup:


It's probably more complex than what we need.  Maybe we just need a
page grouping each test under it's suite and marking the result on
each architecture.  Something like this:

<begin crappy ASCII art>

|    LLVM   | Arch                | i686-pc-linux-gnu | darwin-  | osx..
|    Suite  | Test                | Witty note to brighten developer day
| CFrontend | 2002-05-24-Alloca.c | PASS              | FAIL     | XFAIL 
|           | ...                 |                   |          |
| CBackend  | ...                 |                   |          |
| ...       |                     |                   |          |


FAILs would of course be marked in something pleasant like flourescent

Just an idea.  Wow, I already wasted more of a Saturday on that than I
should have.  :-/


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