[LLVMdev] Time to think about a concurrency-aware LLVM memory model?

Torvald Riegel torvald at se.inf.tu-dresden.de
Fri Jul 13 08:27:33 PDT 2007


looking at the discussions about atomic operations, we could also (and 
perhaps we should) discuss how a concurrency-aware memory model for LLVM 
should look like.

One could draw the analogy that the mapping between algorithm-level 
concurrent algorithms and the HW atomic operations is like compiling to a 
specific architecture. There are several optimizations possible that are 
directly driven or constrained by inter-thread communication etc.
Examples are of course traditional concurrent algorithms with CAS, 
reordering constraints etc, but there are much more advanced optimizations 
and possibilities for features if you really look at HPC stuff, parallel 
programs, or reliability.

Are there any plans yet, people actively working on that, or are just 
interested in this area? If so, do you have anything that you could share?

Perhaps it's too early for thinking about that, but it is an important 


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