[LLVMdev] Cygwin release build error

Aaron Gray angray at beeb.net
Wed Feb 28 07:40:01 PST 2007

I am getting an "--emit-llvm is not supported in this configuration" error on a release build on Cygwin, the debug build is fine.

    make[3]: Entering directory `/usr/build/llvm/runtime/GCCLibraries/libc'
    llvm[3]: Compiling atox.c for Release build (bytecode)
    llvm-gcc: --emit-llvm is not supported in this configuration.
    make[3]: *** [/usr/build/llvm/runtime/GCCLibraries/libc/Release/atox.ll] Error 1 

This is the same error that appears alot of times on the 'make check' of the debug build.

What is going on here please ?

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