[LLVMdev] Unused malloc/free don't get optimized

Robert L. Bocchino Jr. bocchino at uiuc.edu
Thu Feb 22 08:21:48 PST 2007

> Sounds good! I'd like to see the code, even though I can't promise  
> that
> I'll do anything with it in the near term.

OK.  I've sent you the code in a separate email.

> I'd rather not depend on DSA in particular. If it could depend on
> AliasAnalysis then it would grow stronger or weaker depending on what
> aliasing analysis was loaded at the time. Are there any special  
> features
> of DSA that you're using?

I glanced at the code again, and it looks like I use DSA to (1)  
construct the call graph and (2) identify things that would be unsafe  
to put on the stack, such as arrays, cyclic data structures, and  
allocations with escaping references.  Right now these parts are  
pretty heavily dependent on DSA -- e.g., they make explicit use of  
the various DSA graphs.  I'm sure you could modify the code to use  
AliasAnalysis instead of DSA, but I'm not sure what would be involved  
in that.


Robert L. Bocchino Jr.
Ph.D. Student
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

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