[LLVMdev] using dsa from llvm-poolalloc

John T. Criswell criswell at cs.uiuc.edu
Tue Feb 13 11:08:26 PST 2007

Tanya M. Lattner wrote:

>>I recommend that you stick with the release_19 branch of both llvm and
>>llvm-poolalloc.  I and others are actively using these branches, so
>>llvm-poolalloc bug fixes will most likely be made to this branch in
>>addition to mainline CVS for the forseeable future.  The release_19
>>branch of llvm-poolalloc is designed to always work with the release_19
>>branch of LLVM, which has a fixed API and bytecode format.
>I did not realize that you guys were checking in changes to the release_19 
>branch. I have to disagree with this as release_19 is supposed to match 
>the release 1.9 that we have on our website. This release has been tested 
>on all platforms (that we support) and by changing the files in CVS I can 
>no longer guarantee that same level of quality if someone checks out 
>release_19. We do allow and suggest that people check out the release_19 
>from CVS (in the Getting Started Guide) so they should be getting the same 
>files as in the tar.

I don't believe I've changed any policy that we've had (at least, not 
significantly), and I think you may misunderstand what I am changing and 
where I'm making the changes.

Here's my explanation of what I did:

1) According to the policy I set forth when I did release management, 
there is a difference between RELEASE_19 and release_19.  RELEASE_19 is 
a tag that denotes what we released in LLVM 1.9; it should never 
change.  The release_19 tag is a branch tag that denotes the branch for 
the 1.9.x releases.  To date, we've only created one release per release 
branch, but we should be able to make subsequent releases on the branch 
(e.g. 1.9.1, 1.9.2, etc) if we want.

The purpose of this policy was to ensure that we could make bug fixes to 
multiple LLVM releases should the need arise.

2) I marked RELEASE_19 before changing anything in the release_19 branch 
of llvm (you never tagged RELEASE_19).  Assuming no one else modified 
anything in the release_19 branch, RELEASE_19 represents what is in the 
LLVM 1.9 tarball.

3) The only changes in the llvm release_19 branch is the removal of DSA 
and (maybe) some minor autoconf changes.  I did this to ease merges on 
DSA between the release_19 branch and mainline of the llvm-poolalloc CVS 

4) The only new development I've been doing is in the release_19 branch 
of the llvm-poolalloc and safecode CVS modules.  llvm-poolalloc is, as 
far as I can tell, not part of the LLVM releases, and safecode is still 
an internal project, so I don't think I've broken any of our release 
policies by creating and developing in the release_19 branches for these 
two CVS modules.

>I would suggest creating your own branch if you do not plan to keep up 
>with mainline cvs.
>In the future, I would hope that you would talk to me (the Release 
>Manager) or email the list about changes to the policy regarding the 
>release branches.
I don't think I've changed any policies of which I am aware.  However, I 
do apologize for not asking you whether you had changed the policy when 
I noticed that the RELEASE_19 tag was missing; I probably should have 
asked you first before fixing it.

-- John T.

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