[LLVMdev] using dsa from llvm-poolalloc

Ryan M. Lefever lefever at crhc.uiuc.edu
Mon Feb 12 23:21:20 PST 2007

I have a few questions on using dsa now that it has been moved out of 
llvm.  I have llvm -r release_19 checked out from cvs, and 
llvm-poolalloc -r release_19 checked out from cvs into the projects 
directory, as John Criswell previously suggested.

1) I have some compiler transforms that I'm writing that use DSA. They 
can no longer find the header files for DSA. My transforms are located 
in their own directory, outside of llvm.  I have set everything up by 
copying the autoconf directory from the sample project into the 
directory for my transforms.  Is there a way that I can specify the path 
to the DSA include files when I run AutoRegen.sh from the autoconf 
directory or the configure script generated by AutoRegen.sh, so that the 
DSA include files will be searched when compiling my code?

2) For those that work on llvm-poolalloc, is their a way to compile 
doxygen for llvm-poolalloc?

3) For those that work on llvm-poolalloc, John Criswell previously 
suggested using cvs -r release_19 of llvm, and cvs -r release_19 of 
llvm-poolalloc.  If I want to get the latest changes to llvm-poolalloc 
which of the following should I do?  (A) Stick with cvs -r release_19 of 
llvm and update to the latest version of llvm-poolalloc using cvs update 
-A inside the projects/llvm-poolalloc directory.  (B) Update llvm and 
llvm-poolalloc both to the latest versions.  (C) Some other option.


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