[LLVMdev] Instruction pattern type inference problem

Chris Lattner sabre at nondot.org
Mon Apr 23 15:06:35 PDT 2007

On Sun, 22 Apr 2007, Christopher Lamb wrote:
> I have a back end which has both scalar and vector registers that
> alias each other. I'm having a problem generating the ISel from
> tablegen that appears only when  a vector register class is declared
> to contain integer vectors. At that moment tablegen doesn't seem to
> be able to infer integer types in patterns that it was able to
> before, but I'm not clear on why that's the case.


> This isn't just the results of instructions, but also immediate
> values as well. It seems to affect a smattering of node types. Any
> insights?
> For instance:
> where GPRegs contains types [i32, f32]
> def BEQ   : IF8<Opc.BEQ,
>             (ops GPRegs:$Rsrc1, GPRegs:$Rsrc2, brtarget:$SImm16),
>             "beq $Rsrc1, $Rsrc2, $SImm16",
>             [(brcond (i32 (seteq GPRegs:$Rsrc1, GPRegs:$Rsrc2)), bb:
> $SImm16)], s_br>;
> Tablegen reports:
> BEQ:    (brcond:void (setcc:i32 GPRegs:i32:$Rsrc1, GPRegs:i32:$Rsrc2,
> SETEQ:Other), (bb:Other):$SImm16)
> as soon as I add a register class that supports either [v2i32] or
> [v4i32] I get the following:
> BGE:    (brcond:void (setcc:isInt GPRegs:i32:$Rsrc1, 0:i32,
> SETGE:Other), (bb:Other):$SImm16)
> build/llvm/trunk/Debug/bin/tblgen: In BGE: Could not infer all types
> in pattern!

Comparison nodes don't support vector types.



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