[LLVMdev] Instruction pattern type inference problem

Christopher Lamb christopher.lamb at gmail.com
Sun Apr 22 20:35:02 PDT 2007

I have a back end which has both scalar and vector registers that  
alias each other. I'm having a problem generating the ISel from  
tablegen that appears only when  a vector register class is declared  
to contain integer vectors. At that moment tablegen doesn't seem to  
be able to infer integer types in patterns that it was able to  
before, but I'm not clear on why that's the case.

This isn't just the results of instructions, but also immediate  
values as well. It seems to affect a smattering of node types. Any  

For instance:

where GPRegs contains types [i32, f32]

def BEQ   : IF8<Opc.BEQ,
             (ops GPRegs:$Rsrc1, GPRegs:$Rsrc2, brtarget:$SImm16),
             "beq $Rsrc1, $Rsrc2, $SImm16",
             [(brcond (i32 (seteq GPRegs:$Rsrc1, GPRegs:$Rsrc2)), bb: 
$SImm16)], s_br>;

Tablegen reports:
BEQ:    (brcond:void (setcc:i32 GPRegs:i32:$Rsrc1, GPRegs:i32:$Rsrc2,  
SETEQ:Other), (bb:Other):$SImm16)

as soon as I add a register class that supports either [v2i32] or  
[v4i32] I get the following:

BGE:    (brcond:void (setcc:isInt GPRegs:i32:$Rsrc1, 0:i32,  
SETGE:Other), (bb:Other):$SImm16)
build/llvm/trunk/Debug/bin/tblgen: In BGE: Could not infer all types  
in pattern!

Christopher Lamb

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