[LLVMdev] LLVM developer's meeting session availabilty online

Aaron Gray angray at beeb.net
Sat Apr 21 18:47:17 PDT 2007

> I am sorry but i can not attend the developer's meeting. But reading
> through the page it sounds like a very interesting venue. So it would be
> a great thing if we could have slides as pdfs available on the web site.

Hopefully we will be getting Video and Audio downloads. My only issue is the 
quality. The last conference videos I viewed the video of the display screen 
was not of high enough quality to read it and sound was very bad and you 
could not hear the speaker properly. So presentation slides maybe a good 
idea if there are any.

Best to test equipment and proceedures out before doing the real thing.

> ps: it is funny that most compiler suites are not named after something
> very interesting. gcc, icc, ... are all something like xxx compiler
> collection. IMHO naming it something like VisualStudio or Sun Workshop
> is not really a great idea as well. Further I think the name, while
> beeing abstract, should resemble the functionality of the thing. Having
> used LLVM for my diploma thesis (which I post here soon), I know that
> advertising a new platform is more difficult the less expressive a name
> is. Having had the name LLVM made it easier for me to advertise this
> project as having a V-ISA for program representation. But I am keen on
> seeing good names for the project.

I know its borring but I also suggest :-

        LLVA-C or LLVAC - Low Level Virtual Achetecture Compiler
        LLVA-CC or LLVACC - Low Level Virtual Achetecture Compiler 

I will do some diff's


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