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Evan Cheng evan.cheng at apple.com
Wed Apr 18 12:07:43 PDT 2007

On Apr 18, 2007, at 11:25 AM, Christopher Lamb wrote:

> I noticed that the TableGen code emitter generator assumes that the  
> instruction fields are declared in the instruction format in the  
> same order that operands are defined. This seems like a bad  
> dependence to me, and that TableGen should match the name of field  
> declared in the instruction with the name of the operand in order  
> to determine which operand of the MI to use
> .

Yes, instruction OperandList corresponds to MachineInstr operands  
ordering. Are you saying MachineInstr should look up specific operand  
by name?

> See CodeEmitterGen.cpp:170 and neighborhood.
> Unfortunately there are naming discrepancies between the  
> instruction format fields and the operand names in all existing  
> code emitters that use TableGen, which would require some  
> significant renaming cleanup.

Not sure what you mean. Example?


> Thoughts on binding operand names to instruction field names for  
> the code emitter?
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