[LLVMdev] Regalloc Refactoring

David Greene greened at obbligato.org
Mon Apr 16 08:56:04 PDT 2007

Chris Lattner wrote:

> No there isn't, unfortunately.  I'd suggest building up/maintaining the 
> r2r map inside the coallescer.  Once the coallescer is done with the 
> entire function, do a single pass over the function rewriting all the 
> coallesced vregs.

Ok.  I have a version with the coalescer separated from
liveIntervalAnalysis.  It still uses the r2r map but as we
discussed late last week, it looks like the rewrite is
already done.  I will make the r2r map and all APIs into
it private within the coalescer class and submit a patch.



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