[LLVMdev] "Name that compiler"

Vikram S. Adve vadve at uiuc.edu
Sat Apr 14 20:49:01 PDT 2007

On Apr 14, 2007, at 12:13 AM, Patrick Meredith wrote:

>> All seriousness aside, I liked Illiacc (+1 for that one from me.) I'd
> I'm going to vote for illiacc too.  It's just too good.

Much as I like Illiacc too, I don't think we can use it.  ILLIAC is  
the name of a series of well-known supercomputers built at UIUC, and  
(after a gap of some years), we now have two more of the series --  
ILLIAC 6 and Trusted ILLIAC.  Calling our software Illiacc would be  
far too confusing for many people.


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