[LLVMdev] "Name that compiler"

Nicola Lugato nicola.lugato at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 02:30:07 PDT 2007

I don't like very much mithology or fantasy names. A portmanteau is
more professional (even if it sounds funny).
For now IMHO the best proposal is Omnipiler and OmniC, even if the
last one reminds too much of C. Maybe Omnic (with the lowercase c), or
Omnip are better. Simple, elegant and somehow reminds of something
technological (to me at least :P).

So my idea is to list some key words and see if some nice portmanteau
came out :)
code, source, byte, compiler, optimizer, toolkit, language, assembler,
machine, engine, translation (general llvm related terms)
screwdriver (a generic helpful tool just like LLVM is)
plasticine (gives the idea of modellability)
fun (llvm is fun :P)
omni, over, uber, iper, etc.
lego (the idea of modularity, or "building complex things with simple pieces")

So it could be: omnisource, legolang, transource, screwpiler,
plastibyte, uberlang, oversource, optimatic, etc, etc.

Ok, ok, i'm quitting :)

On 4/13/07, Morten Ofstad <morten at hue.no> wrote:
> me22 wrote:
> > One of the nicer project names I've seen recently is Alexandria, for a
> > book database program ( http://alexandria.rubyforge.org/ ).  It
> > unfortunately fails the searchability test, but does brilliantly at
> > reminding you what it is.
> Along these lines, is there any mythical characters or historical persons which are associated with translation (which
> is the primary role of a compiler framework)? I can only think of 'Babel', but I'm sure there must be some other
> possibilities...
> m.
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