[LLVMdev] cvs opt broken?

Ryan M. Lefever lefever at crhc.uiuc.edu
Mon Apr 9 22:12:48 PDT 2007

I checked out llvm from cvs & llvm-gcc from svn last night and again 
tonight.  Each time they compiled and installed fine.  After installing 
them, I recompiled compiler transforms I had written for opt.  opt seems 
to load the my transform libraries fine, but it complains:

opt: Unknown command line argument '-mytransform'

whenever I try to specify one of my transforms on the opt command line. 
  I checked the names of the transforms and they are correct.  In 
addition, I did a opt --help and my transforms were lisetd.

So, I switched back to a version of llvm & llvm-gcc from about a month 
ago, and opt recognizes and runs my transforms.  Did something change 
with opt?  Did something change with the way transforms are registered 
with opt?


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