[LLVMdev] Reminder: NewNIghtlyTest.pl

Adam Goode agoode at andrew.cmu.edu
Thu Apr 5 15:39:50 PDT 2007

Anton Korobeynikov wrote:
> Hello, Chris.
>> I agree.  Is the date in a fixed format?  wouldn't a simple regex do the 
>> trick?
> It seems it doesn't have fixed format. At least it:
> 1. Outputs local time.
> 2. Date string contains national symbols
> We should parse date by hands and filter revisions, which took place
> during prev. day. So, in general we need 2 routines:
> 1. Parse date into some internal format.
> 2. Compute the difference from 'now' and decide, whether revision is
> less, then 1 day old.
> Any perl gurus around? My perl-fu is really low.


Do you have some examples of the string to parse? What command generates it?


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