[LLVMdev] May 25th 2007 Developers Meeting (Update)

Evan Cheng evan.cheng at apple.com
Mon Apr 2 23:40:34 PDT 2007

I'll be there.

I'd like to talk about a topic that's near and dear to my hear: "How  
to survive an attack by Oscar?".



On Mar 31, 2007, at 3:11 PM, Reid Spencer wrote:

> All,
> Here's an update on the Developer's Meeting. I've created a page  
> for the
> meeting on the main web site at http://llvm.org/DevMtgMay2007.html. If
> you want to find out the latest, please visit that page. From here on
> out, I will be tracking the meeting's progress on that page.  However,
> I'll still send out one of these update notes when there are  
> significant
> developments.
> First, the questions you all wanted answered:
>    Yes, the date (May 25th), is firm.
>    Yes, the location (Apple Computer, Cupertino, CA) is firm.
>    Yes, you can make travel reservations now.
> The first 12 people have confirmed their attendance. However, there  
> were
> about 25-30 of you that expressed a desire to attend in the poll last
> year. If you haven't confirmed your attendance yet, please do so by
> responding to this email. If you're not sure, please see
> http://llvm.org/DevMtgMay2007.html#attendees to see if you're on the
> list already. You need to confirm by May 1st so that we can ensure we
> have a sufficiently large room reserved for the attendees.
> Don't make me start calling you out by name!
> We have three talks so far. Vikram Adve will discuss the history of
> LLVM. Chris Lattner will talk about how Apple uses LLVM. Sarah  
> Thomposon
> will talk about how NASA, Ames is using LLVM for static analysis and
> symbolic execution.
> While that's a great start, it isn't enough to cover the whole day. (I
> know Chris is long winded, but I don't think even he would enjoy  
> talking
> about Apple OpenGL and LLVM for 6 hours straight). We need more  
> content
> if we're going to do more than just chit chat all day.
> Bottom line: we need your ideas and participation. Don't worry  
> about the
> posted Agenda, we can rearrange it to fit the things you want to talk
> about. There are at least three categories of things you can propose:
> 1. A presentation/talk that you could give on anything related to  
> 2. A discussion topic that you would like to hear other people's
> thoughts about.
> 3. An LLVM issue to resolve in Session 4.
> Other ideas are welcome too.
> Please do not hesitate. Just send your ideas in, however crazy they
> might seem.
> Looking forward to meeting you all!
> Reid.
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