[LLVMdev] About implementing new intrinsic

Ferad Zyulkyarov ferad.zyulkyarov at bsc.es
Mon Apr 2 14:25:11 PDT 2007


> >>> I want to implement a new intrinsic in llvm that will denote a
> >>> parallel section within a function.
> >> Can you explain what you mean by a parallel section within a function?
> > I want to see how OpenMP's parallel fit in the LLVM architecture, is
> > it easy to implement or not. GCC is too heavy platform to work on..
> When implemented in LLVM, OpenMP will be supported in a very similiar way
> to what GCC does: it will extract out the parallel region (the part that
> runs on multiple threads) into a self-contained function.

I agree also. But I just noticed that the LLVM internals are much
easier to manipulate (ok at least it seems to me).


Ferad Zyulkyarov
Barcelona Supercomputing Center

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